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Producer Andreas Budde suggested turning the original fast tempo Forever Young track into a ballad, which is how the song was released. The album was recorded using Roland TR-808 and Linn LM-1 drum machines, a Roland System-100M, an ARP String Ensemble and a Roland SDE 200 Digital Delay machine.

The album was recorded on Analog Tascam 8-track tapes, and they used a Friendchip SRC machine to synchronize all the tracks to another studio multitrack. "A classic synth pop album" and "a wonderfully fun ride from start to finish."

The original press may be a pain to find in great condition so this reissue done in 2019 may be a God send for all. The album was remastered for the first time for its 35th anniversary. The package comes in the new remaster on vinyl and comes with a 24-page vinyl-sized booklet, created by the art director of the original album in close collaboration with the band and contains a variety of rare and unpublished photos, sleeve notes and various other testimonies.


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Romeo Babao is a Mastering Engineer, record producer, composer and jingle maker. He graduated Doctor of Medicine from Lyceum Northwestern. He writes multiple pressing comparisons and reviews for the US based MusicStack 6 times a year and produces EDM for a label and club in Japan.

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