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What used to cost twice in 2002 is now available at an affordable price. Bjork, the Icelandic singer from the band Sugar Cubes is now available again on this form with all the best songs she had released in years.

The tracks were selected by fans through a survey on Björk's website. Greatest Hits presents the songs in descending order of most-popular votes, with the exception of "It's In Our Hands" which was a new song and appears at the end of the compilation.

There were two online surveys preceding the release of Greatest Hits. The survey that gave the track list was one where fans voted for their favourite singles. Another one was conducted simultaneously where fans could vote for their favourite of all her songs, album tracks as well as B-sides. This sometimes is the cause for some confusion about the authenticity of the fan-selected track list concept because the results from the single-track survey does not always match with the overall survey. For example, "Hyperballad" was the song receiving most votes from Björk fans on the overall survey, but appears as the second track on Greatest Hits.

The record was included on the book "1000 Records You Must Hear Before you Die".....


Order Bjork's Greatest Hits album here:


About the Author

Romeo Babao is a Mastering Engineer, record producer, composer and jingle maker. He graduated Doctor of Medicine from Lyceum Northwestern. He writes multiple pressing comparisons and reviews for the US based MusicStack 6 times a year and produces EDM for a label and club in Japan.

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