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The album carried music that incorporates the genres of gothic rock and dark wave, while the lyrical content sees Eldritch cast as the observer of a slowly deteriorating world.

The electronic feel of the album was because of the drum machines and synth backing the band, whose other member left to form the other band The Mission. The album was mainly recorded with a Casio CZ-101 synthesiser, acoustic guitars and a new drum machine. At the time, Eldritch was attempting to find a MIDI drum machine of a modest price that featured a "tighter snare drum" sound. And it turned out to be a fantastically sci-fi like Gothic electronic project.

With a price this low for a half speed record, you better get a copy at NEC, this is now out of print in the US.


Order the Floodland album here:


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Romeo Babao is a Mastering Engineer, record producer, composer and jingle maker. He graduated Doctor of Medicine from Lyceum Northwestern. He writes multiple pressing comparisons and reviews for the US based MusicStack 6 times a year and produces EDM for a label and club in Japan.

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