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Pearl Jam Drops Dark Matter on Black Vinyl - Let's Rock!


Hey Pearl Jam fam!  It's finally here: Pearl Jam's new album, Dark Matter, is out and ready to blast your speakers (or, you know, spin on your trusty record player). This time, they've got a sweet black vinyl edition that's perfect for those who love the classic record experience.

Hold the Download, Hit the Turntable

We all love streaming and digital music, but there's something special about holding a physical album, feeling the weight of the vinyl, and hearing that warm crackle as the needle hits the groove. Plus, this black vinyl edition comes with a fancy gatefold jacket, a booklet with all the lyrics, and inner sleeves to keep your record pristine. Basically, it's a total package for Pearl Jam diehards.

What's the Buzz on Dark Matter?

Produced by the legendary Andrew Watt, Dark Matter has been generating excitement since it was announced. It's their first album in a few years, and fans are itching to see where Pearl Jam takes their sound.

Black Vinyl or Beyond?

The black vinyl is a total classic choice, but there are other options too! You can snag Dark Matter on CD, a fancy CD/Blu-ray combo with bonus goodies, or there's even a limited-edition red galaxy vinyl for Pearl Jam's fan club.

No matter which format you choose, Dark Matter is a must-have for any Pearl Jam fan.  

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of Dark Matter (black vinyl, obvs ) and crank it up! Black Vinyl available at NEC Music Online!

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